Using Experience Platform Launch rules and data elements with Places data

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Experience Platform Launch is a rule-based system and looks for user interaction and associated data. When the criteria outlined in your rules are met, the rule triggers the extension, script, or HTML that you identified. You can build rules to integrate the data and functionality of marketing and ad tech that unifies disparate products into one solution. For more information about rules, see Rules and Create a rule.

Data elements

Data elements are the building blocks for your data dictionary (or data map). You can use data elements to collect, organize, and deliver data across marketing and ad technology.

A data element is a variable, and the value for this variable can be mapped to query strings, URLs, cookie values, JavaScript variables, and so on. In Launch, you can reference this value by its variable name. The collection of data elements becomes the dictionary of defined data that you can use to build your rules (events, conditions, and actions), and the data dictionary is shared across Launch and can be used with the Places extension.

For more information about data elements, see Data Elements and Create a data element.