Getting started

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Get provisioned to use Adobe Location Service

Location Service requires special provisioning context with your regular Adobe Experience Platform provisioning context.

To get provisioned, complete the following tasks:

  • In the Admin Console, ensure that your organization is provisioned with Location Service (Places Core Service).

    If you are not the Adobe administrator, contact the administrator to ensure the Location Service (Places Core Service) context is seen in Admin Console.

  • Ensure you are listed as a user under the Location Service and Experience Platform Launch product contexts in the Admin Console. For more information, see Adding a user to Experience Platform Launch and Location Service.

  • Ensure your mobile app property is configured in Experience Platform Launch with the Places extension installed.

    For more information, see Places extension.

  • If your company has multiple Adobe organizations, ensure that you always select the organization that is provisioned for Location Service.

    This allows you to add your POIs and libraries.

Configure the Places extension and Places Monitor extension

For more information about configuring the Places extension and Monitor extension, see Places extension and Places Monitor extension.

Create your libraries and POIs

You can create libraries and POIs in one of the following ways:

Get started with Adobe Experience Platform Location Services